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still not sure how this worked when I tested it locally...

Closed cryptop wants to merge commits into master from fixedCaps
cryptop · 12/16/2016, 4:49:53 PM

still not sure how this worked when I tested it locally...

does patchbay in electron even use the ssb-ws connection?! if not i'll remove it from the readme.

%tRdDTE8tRcsEGfBBJcpmXAXXCwTtSTTFG2vsnSHZdd0=.sha256 ev · 12/16/2016, 4:52:57 PM

W00t. Testing.

@cryptop Correct, both Patchbay electron and the lite client use ssb-ws to deliver data into the browser. Electron just assumes the ws server is local and at :8989, whereas it's configurable in the lite client.

%yDIBNi2dYRNQ85Ra19sqCkkGKecb+Q7D2nSxyysl0Z0=.sha256 yetAnotherLiteCryptix · 12/16/2016, 4:54:06 PM

hm.. i still don't get how it didn't crash my sbot than when I tested this... :-S

%e3xFW8+YJ03EJLg4ZTRrLAF7MS3cIt62Xw3juG1zOHM=.sha256 ev · 12/16/2016, 5:00:07 PM

This fix works for me.

I haven't tried passing a new cap in yet, but will get to that soon.

%+S8kTA0etF3t6d6HHmtStC69LQ9GGBaVQg+gHZqyw7k=.sha256 Dominic · 12/17/2016, 7:15:04 AM

oh, I had also encountered this, but I fixed it by updating multiserver to accept base64 strings as caps. (either raw buffer, or string will be treated as base64) but I just saw this and realized that I had failed to publish it. (I think I was on a train at the time with bad connectivity) so this is also fixed in multiserver@1.7.6

%tFfEH9gY5cNf3NmJ8e1joQTWYCUU+Bse9sXy1ADPMtU=.sha256 cryptix · 12/17/2016, 8:18:36 AM

ok, in that case i'll close this pr.

· 12/17/2016, 8:18:39 AM
cel mentioned this pull request in never mind, i see the [pr is closed](%zaNZ4BfVreggCcMGJGsnFz6xyhJVJ1Ne9ef6dk/akkc=.sha256) as the bug is fixed in multiserver 1.7.6

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